Life with a Boxer

Friedel Schmitz discovered his love for the boxer in 1950 when he was only 11 years old. With what little he had as pocket money, he managed to buy an affectionate fawn boxer as his first family pet. From this boxer, his affiliation to the Boxerklub began.

In 1966 and 1969 respectively, Friedel and his beautiful wife, Roswitha welcomed to the family two baby girls (Simone and Sabrina) and a four legged boxer boy "Bodo". The girls and boxer grew up side by side and were like siblings. For vocational reasons, the family moved from Wuppertal to Uebach-Palenberg in 1973. At this time, another boxer, a female (Giggi vom Schneeberg) was acquired from the kennel of the Becker family.

Friedel officially became a BK Munich member in 1976 with his local group of Herzogenrath, and in 1977 the Boxer kennel "vom Bockreiter" (registration number B46) was established. A year later, "Giggi" and the Schmitz family experienced its first litter from which they kept a puppy named "Afra". This boxer later on gained notoriety for having such a powerful bite that she was aptly nicknamed "The Crocodile" by Wolfgang Schulze from the local boxer group of Cologne.

Giggi’s second breeding proved to be a very good foundation for the family’s standard of a good working boxer. Bosko, Babsy and Brixi vom Bockreiter stamped their Schutzhund scores in the surrounding groups of the local area with high honors. Brixi became the brood boxer for the kennel "vom Hoerseltal" owned by the Schwarz family. From this kennel, "Anuschka" and "Cato vom Hoerseltal" were well known to have successfully participated in the areas Federal Performance Evaluation and the National Working Championships.

As one will see with the forefathers of the German boxers, Ch. Bruno v Morsbach was foremost within the pedigrees of most of the champions that came out of Germany. "Bruno’s" third copulation was with Afra v Bockreiter, the Bockreiter’s "C" litter from which the pride and joy of the Bockreiter family came out of was Ch Carlo vom Bockreiter! The 1981 ATIBOX (international boxer org) youth champion, Netherlands champion and sire of a multitude of great boxers all over Europe. Cessy, Carlo's sister appears in the ancestry of a well known stud boxer, "Ruffes v.d.Houtrib", who was considered to be one of the foundation boxer involved in the breeding of boxers in Italy. The brother, "Corax vom Bockreiter" is one of the grandfathers of another great boxer, Mirko vom Turmblick! Multiple times Boxer klub sieger, International Ch. and VDH(German Kennel Club) champion as well.

Due to the success of his kennel, Friedel was elected president for 4 years in his local group of Herzogenrath. He was also the areas Breed Warden for 8 years. Sadly, due to health reasons, the Bockreiter kennel experienced a setback. For 8 years the Bockreiter kennel activity had to be put on hold. But even with this setback, Friedel’s undying love for the boxer never stopped. He continued to lend his expertise to "Boxerfriends" that needed his assistance.

As a dog lover in nature, Friedel could not find himself living in a house without dogs. Since Friedel’s health cannot afford to have him handle a boxer, the family had to switch to a slightly smaller breed, the "Boston terrier". In 1989, the Schmitz family acquired Angie of Borithe. Five years later, Roswitha acquired licensure for the Boston-Terrier-kennel "vom Bockreiter".  Within the same year, Boxers vom Bockreiter, and the family with boxers in their blood resumed activity.

The eldest, Simone, took upon herself to revive the boxer kennel "vom Bockreiter". The family did not have to look far for the old bloodlines. As luck would have it, the "von Roda" kennel owned by Horst and Anemie Mirbach happily provided the necessary genes to revive the old Bockreiter bloodline. "Tibor von Roda" (Ch.Teck del Colle del Infinito x Navaisha v Roda) a descendant of "Corax v Bockreiter" from the sire side and "Carlo vom Bockreiter" from the dam side. Simone and "Tibor" slowly perpetuated the success of the Bockreiter kennel. Simone, together with her husband Hans Schillings, became a member of the local training boxer club in Alsdorf. Simone and Tibor’s training proved fruitful when the two qualified to join the 1998 Federal National Working Championship (BSP) in Munster and taking the 16th spot. "Tibor" proved to be an excellent specimen of a good working boxer. He was bred to "Bonny von Zoschlin" owned by the Bettinger family and from this breeding the current boxers of the Bockreiter kennel now currently exist. "Nike vom Bockreiter" (Tibor x Bonny) AD, VPG 3, HD-A and Hz-0 heading as the kennels brood boxer. Nike’s son "Paco vom Bockreiter" (Nike x Buddy vom Sud west) ZTP, BH, AD, VPG3 , Körung,HD-A, Spondilose-0 and Heart-0 has followed his grandfather’s footsteps as a strong and willful working boxer and  the future of the kennel "Queen vom Bockreiter" (Nike x Henry von Nassau-Oranien) spondilose 0, heart 0, VPG1, ZTP and AD ( she has  her second litter),

Friedel still heads the breeding, Simone a full time mother of two boys, David and Raphael, is in charge of training the boxers. Husband Hans is the conditioning coach in charge of keeping the boxers in shape as well as providing for the family.

Our kennel has now come to a full circle. Since 1977 we’ve had a total of 18 boxers-litters and 4 litters with Boston Terriers. Despite of hurdles, our love for the boxer continues to grow. And it holds true to the passion that our father Friedel has started. The belief in the creation of a healthy lovable and full of life dog we call The German Boxer.

Today my younger sister Sabrina live with  BT Darius vom Bockreiter CLUBCHAMPION 2002, and I, Simone, with Nike, Paco and  Queen vom Bockreiter. We have enjoyed our boxers as pets in our home and as competitors in our dog sport. I hope I have inspired you with the history of our kennel. The basis of our breeding and its success is in the love for the animal. Dogs have been a part of my family’s life for over 50 years.

This homepage is dedicated to my parents Friedel and Roswitha Schmitz on the occasion of their 25th anniversary as club members of the Boxer Klub of Munich 2001, 2002. I thank them for the opportunity of growing up with animals particularly our dogs, the Boxer vom Bockreiter.

Simone Schmitz-Schillings